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2017 Ford Escape Test Drive Review

Join me in reviewing my time behind the wheel of Ford’s 2017 Escape SE!!!

Vehicle Stats


2017 Ford Escape

Trim:   SE

Exterior Color:  Black

Interior Trim:  Grey Cloth

Drive:  FWD

Engine: 1.5L 4-cylinder

MPG Reports:  City – 23 Highway – 30 

My MPG:  29.2 avg 85% Highway, 15% City


First impressions:  The 2017 Escape has a sporty and rugged appearance. It maintains the sleek body lines shared by previous model years, but has a more aggressive reconfigured nose and front end.


Ride, Drive & Comfort:  The Escape has a nice, smooth ride. I found the steering and suspension to be very responsive. It handled corners and transitions with ease. I noticed little road and wind noise. A definite improvement from previous model years. Like other 2017 Ford vehicles the cloth interior has a more rugged feel to it and seems much less prone to staining. The seats are comfortable and supportive. I found the seating position to be very driver friendly. It provided nice front and side visibility. The controls as well were all in easy reach for both driver and passenger. Ford SYNC system works very well and is leaps and bounds above previous versions. It paired seamlessly with my phone and automatically connected each time I entered the vehicle. The rear seats fold down allowing for additional storage. I also found that rear passenger leg room to be very reasonable for small vehicle. Something else that I found convenient was the Escape's tight turning radius. It made backing and maneuvering in tight parking lots easy.


Engine performance:  This Escape was equipped with Ford's 1.5L engine. It is a very good match for the FWD Escape. It is peppy and low speeds and pulling out into traffic and can still achieve 30 MPY Hwy, which is nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time behind the wheel of the Ford Escape.  It's practical, looks good, nice MPG and reasonably priced. Which makes it a winner in my book.

2013 Ford Escape SEL AWD Test Drive Review

Join me in reviewing my time behind the wheel of Ford’s 2013 Escape SEL!!!

Vehicle Stats


2013 Ford Escape

Trim:   SEL

Exterior Color:  Black

Interior Trim:  Black Leather

Drive:  AWD

Engine: 2.0L L4 DOHC 16V

Fueleconomy.gov MPG Reports:  Combined – 24, City – 21, Highway – 28 

My MPG:  23.3 avg 60% Highway, 40% City


First impressions: I have liked the sleek lines of the 2012-2016 Ford Escape since I first laid eyes one in 2012. The Escape I test drove was particularly sharp looking with 18" polished aluminum wheels and tuxedo black metallic paint. The interior is equally well designed with numerous comfort and convenience options at my finger tips.  


Ride, Drive & Comfort:  The vehicle had nice, smooth ride.   In regards to cabin noise the Escape falls somewhere in the middle. It isn't as quiet as an Explorer but is quieter than a Focus. I found the Escape to be very nimble and responsive. It navigated congested traffic with ease. Rear and side view mirrors all provided good visibility. I found no issues with blind spots while passing or backing. I really liked the configuration of the controls on the steering wheel. I actually prefer this configuration over new version. The placement of the cruise as well as radio controls are convenient and easy to commit to memory. I also liked the dial indicator controls for the heated seats. The heat dial can be set anywhere from 0-5. With that wide of a range, it is easy to find a temp to fit your and your passenger. The power adjustable seats were very comfortable and paired with a telescoping steering wheel means the Escape can fit drivers of varying shapes and sizes comfortably. During summer or winter months the remote start feature is very nice. Being winter now, I used this feature daily.


Engine performance: The 2.0 engine is a good match for the Escape. It had ample, smooth power for passing or quick acceleration. The only I was disappointed in was fuel economy. I anticipated the Escape to average 26-27 MPG instead of 23.


Overall, I really enjoyed my time behind the wheel of the Ford Escape. The Escape is a nice looking, versatile and practical vehicle.  With ample power and a smooth ride.  

2015 Ford Edge SEL FWD Test Drive Review

Join me in reviewing my time behind the wheel of a 2015 Ford Edge!!

2015 Ford Edge

Trim:   SEL

Drive:  FWD

Engine: 3.5L V6 DOCH 24V

Fueleconomy.gov MPG Reports:  Combined – 21, City – 18, Highway – 26 

My MPG:  22.5 avg 60% Highway, 40% City


First impressions:  I have always thought the Ford Edge was a good looking vehicle.  While I am not in complete agreement with the direction Ford is heading with nose and grille design.  Overall the Edge has great lines and nice stance.  


Ride, Drive & Comfort:  Ford did an excellent job with this vehicle.  The cabin is very quiet.  The steering responsive, with minimum body roll.  Somehow Ford has managed to give the Edge a ride that is both firm and plush.  Considering it is a crossover, the vehicle handles quite well.  On tight, curvy roads the suspension feels firm and responsive.  Yet on rough terrain it absorbs bumps and transitions with minimal disturbance to passenger comfort.  (Well done Ford).  The height of the vehicle combined with seat position provided very nice forward visibility.  I was high enough to see over and around cars with ease, but not so high that the vehicle felt top heavy.  I have already stated front visibility is excellent.  However, I found visibility from the B pillar back to be a bit restricted.  The C pillar combined with size and shape of adjoining windows created a blind spot on both sides.  This was noticeable when backing out in crowded parking lots.  This Edge did have a backup camera which helped with blind spots.  (As I have mentioned in a previous review I am part of the general population who prefers line of sight vision over cameras).  The seats are supportive and comfortable.  This particular Edge has cloth seats.  A decade ago I would have told anyone who ask to steer clear of cloth.  It didn’t wear well and stained easily.  However, driving this Edge has made me a believer that Ford has made massive strides in the quality of their upholstery.  The Edge I drove had 85,000 miles on it and the upholstery looked brand new.  The seats showed no wear and there was zero staining.  The upholstery had a very durable feel to it and the foam showed no sign of breaking down.  The radio had a nice balanced sound and Ford SYNC paired seamlessly to my phone.  Steering wheel mounted controls allowed me to keep both hands on the wheel while changing stations and adjusting volume level.


Engine performance:  There isn’t much to say.  At 285 HP and 253 lb-ft of torque Ford’s 3.5 V6 is a very good match for this vehicle.  It had ample power for quick acceleration and passing.  The engine did what it was supposed to, when it was supposed to do it at a level that met / exceeded my expectations.


Overall I enjoyed my time behind the wheel of the Ford Edge.  It is a sharp looking, versatile and practical vehicle.  With great power, smooth ride & ample storage.

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